Work with Pride; Live with Soul

Hi Growers 🌱,

I had a few brief thoughts I wanted to share.

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  1. To-Do Lists Are Powerful: Spending a few minutes at night to create a to-do list is extremely hard to do. It takes discipline. But it usually leads to a more productive day.

    1. This also helps you be more intentional about your days.

  2. Appreciate Your Work; But Don’t Get Over Confident: In the Summer of 2021, I turned a $3K investment in $ETC, the original Ethereum before it forked, to $100K. At the time, I sold $50K worth. It was the biggest single return of capital in my life.

    1. Coming off that win, I deployed some capital into investments I am proud of and some into shitty assets.

    2. As I’m looking to have more cash on hand today, I wish I was more appreciative about that big capital gain (possibly selling even more $ETC), and more thoughtful where I re-deployed some of the gains.

  3. Communicate Openly: Have the deep and meaningful conversation. Ask the pointed question. Mention the thing you have been thinking to say.

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