Dream Big & Believe Bigger

When I woke up this Monday, I had the urge to walk outside, look at the ocean, and see the sunrise. Someone told me that waking up and seeing the sunrise to start the day activates our natural circadian rhythm letting our bodies know that the day is beginning.

With that inspiration in my mind, I grabbed my coffee and went to go stare out at the ocean for a few minutes to ease into the workday.

I’ve been having thoughts about the importance of belief and manifestation from a conversation I had a few days ago. You need to believe in yourself authentically and everyone will feel it. With that authentic belief, the universe will conspire around you.

Sure enough, as I glanced at my phone as I approached the view spot to look over the pacific ocean, a podcast episode called Dream Big & Believe Bigger was just released by Aubrey Marcus. The link is here for those interested, but I will sum up a few key points that I took away from it.

  • Quantum Possibilities Journal: Write down the future. It’s called futuring. Describe the finish line. Your pen is your wand. Words are like spells. Put the future into motion. There’s something we don’t understand about the power of writing the future. Are we predicting the future or are we manifesting it? It’s both. With our visions we are predicting the future, but only with follow through can we truly bring it into existence.

  • Easy & Delusional: Everyone always talks about going after their dreams in the context of hard work, the grind, and how challenging it’s going to be. The idea of going to war to achieve our dreams. But we should reframe our perspective that it’s all going to be easy. Not only does this make the process more enjoyable, but also more effective.

  • Presents at Night: Santa gives gifts at night. This is because life gives us gifts in dark places. Only when we feel lost, are struggling through something, can we find out what’s truly important. The best time to manifest is when you’re most in need of a miracle.

I continue to be on this kick about the power of manifestation. By putting certain energy, thoughts, and ideas out into the world - the universe will answer your call. Maybe the phrasing may come off as hippie to you, but in plain English, by thinking and writing what you want, our brains, people, and the world will start to fold into that direction.