Crypto Venetian #101 Comes to Life

Taking the Narrative to New Heights

I recently wrote about Crypto Venetian's being the world’s first NFT associated with a city and how it represents a transformative approach in the NFT space.

An interesting phenomenon that emerged on Twitter was when someone started to pose with their Crypto Venetian around Venice.

Meet the Trading Female with Crypto Venetian #101:

This concept of a physical person posing with their Crypto Venetian is both pioneering and fun for the entire NFT space.

As Crypto Venetian’s gain awareness, it will be critical to have people talk about the project and create content.

If Crypto Venetian #101 continues to document her journey and educate the world about Crypto Venetian’s — it could make for an interesting narrative as Crypto Venetian’s become one of the most sought after NFT’s around (reminder, there is only 1,000 and they can only be created in Venice).

The Crypto Venetian community is strong and they actively engage with each other on Twitter and Discord. There is also the first in-person Crypto Venetian meet-up on Friday.

While Crypto Venetian’s are digital, they are creating community and having an effect in the physical world.

Part of what made Crypto Punks so successful was the culture and community around them. This is why some Punks are selling for millions of dollars today.

I believe we are going to see a similar evangelist community around Crypto Venetian’s and I am excited to follow Crypto Venetian #101 as she documents the narrative and highlights in the community.