The First NFTs Associated with a City

Crypto Venetians are starting a movement

Crypto Venetians are the world’s first NFTs associated with a city.

The Crypto Venetians can only be minted (created) in-real life at the Bright Moments NFT Art Gallery in the heart of Venice.

Only 1,000 Crypto Venetians can be created and nobody can create more than one.

The Crypto Venetians are uniquely created based on an algorithm with 200,000 possible combinations. Things like hair, shoes, skin color, etc. — contribute to the combinations.

My Crypto Venetian is below. :)

So far, 532 Crypto Venetian’s have been created. Every new Crypto Venetian is posted on their Twitter feed.

For every 250 Crypto Venetian's that are created, the background changes.

  1. 1-250: Sunrise

  2. 251-500: Daytime

  3. 501-750: Sunset

  4. 751-1,000: Nighttime

While the Crypto Venetian's are free to create, they are now selling in the secondary market for 5.5 ETH (~$14,000 USD)!!

The other day, Bob Iger, Chairman of Disney, went into the Bright Moments NFT art gallery and got a Crypto Venetian.

All 1,000 Crypto Venetians should be created this summer. If you’re in Venice and want to get one, you can sign-up on their website.

The idea is to test the model in Venice but perhaps launch in New York, Mexico City or somewhere else around the world next.

As Crypto Venetians start to get attention internationally, this concept of a limited edition NFT associated with a city could take off. Since it started in Venice, Crypto Venetians could be the most valuable.

People are saying this early hype about Crypto Venetians reminds them of Crypto Punks and Bored Apes - two of the most successful NFTs of all time that sell for millions of dollars.

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