Your Mind is a River: Timestamp it

I’ve always viewed writing as an impeccable way to capture time. To cement my current state of mind into words. The privilege is to then look back on your thoughts and to remember who you were. Because, we are constantly changing…

Consciousness is like a river.

Consciousness is always flowing. While the river may be similar over time, new water is always flowing through it.

  • The water = our thoughts, the information we consume

  • The rocks in the river = the foundation of who we are, the people around us, aspects of the location we are in

  • The river = is you.

There is something valuable about being raw and open with your thoughts. By putting yourself out there, you allow yourself to express the true version of who you are.

To express yourself in writing is to share your river of consciousness.

It feels like over some period of time, I haven’t been expressing myself fully and thus not living in the true nature of who I am.

I love philosophy and learning. I want to talk more about that. I love the world and all its wonders. I used to post thoughtful things on Instagram, but at some point started to keep it short and simple. I decided to leave the philosophical musings for other aspects in my life.

While Instagram captions were a very tiny outlet that I hold in a very small regard, it is a medium of expression. And when I’m being inauthentic there, it can pour over into other aspects of my life.

Then, over time, you may no longer be expressing your true self at all. Without that authentic expression, you may no longer know who you are. We need authentic expression to put down into the world who we really are.

Timestamping our thoughts. Being true with our words. This unlocks our highest form.

Let the river of consciousness flow authentically and share it with the world unapologetically.