Your Life is the Book & Time is the Pages

Time is the only nonrenewable asset on the planet.

No matter how much money you have, you can’t buy more time.

There are ways to increase your time.

But having more time isn’t enough.

We must spend our time wisely as well.

Have you thought deeply about your time and how you spend it?

One of the most eloquent ways I heard to think about your time was from Bruce Springsteen on Broadway.

Bruce played songs that highlighted different moments in his life. The way he sang was biblical. You truly heard his life unfold through his music.

As he was near the end of his show, he shared something that I will never forget.

As I sit here now, my book is mostly written. I have lived 70 good years and only have few chapters left to write.

Oh what a gift it would be to have so many blank pages to write again…

Over the course of the show, Bruce walked us through the chapters of his life. But when he got to the end, he shared the beauty of having a blank book to write.

It reminds me of the saying time billionaire. Would you change places with Warren Buffet? Sure you would have his fortune, but you would also have his age.

Time is more valuable than money.

A time billionaire is someone who has a billion or more seconds left in their life. A billion seconds is about 31 years.

— Graham Duncan

I would rather be a time billionaire than a money billionaire.

Now that we have thought deeply about the concept of time, we need to determine how to spend it.

This is a very personal question but there are frameworks we can use.

A concept from Japan that you may have heard of is called Ikigai.

  • This refers to having a direction or purpose in life, that provides satisfaction and a sense of meaning.

By aligning these four pillars above, we can identify something that’s worth spending our precious time on.

This clarity can be one of the true gifts of life:

To be able to make a living, help the world, be excellent and do what you love. This is beautiful.

Athletes, artists or passionate entrepreneurs are often great examples of this.

Coming to grips with time and how you spend it, is one of life’s most important topics.

While it sounds ideal to “figure this out”, unfortunately, you never do.


Given the constant of time and change, we must always be focused on how we are spending our time. This is not a curse, but a blessing.

Everyday is a new page in our book.

How do you wish to write today?