Young Leaders of the Future Focus on the Day

It’s easy for me to get caught up in visions about the future. I want to plan and be prepared.

While this long-term mindset helps develop an underlying trajectory for my own life (which I’ll always carry), I don’t think it’s always helpful.

You won’t get to the places you want to go by thinking X amount of days in the future.

You’ll get to the places you want to go by thinking about today and what you can do now.

Even when you ask the smartest people in the world about what their life plans are, they can only know so much about what the future holds. They are usually laser focused on the present moves they’re making.

I often think about the book Own the Day, Own your Life. Basically, the way you crush life is by crushing the day from waking up, to what you eat, to your exercise routine, to how you sleep (and a lot more in-between).

The goal is to do as much dope shit as possible in a day. You want to #GetShitDone and take action right away.

The young leaders across the world right now are all making major moves in the direction of their dreams and creating a better earth for all of us. While it may be fun to know what their elaborate plans are as they grow older, all we have is today to make those plans come to fruition.

Young Leaders that will become The Leaders are focused on today so they will be there tomorrow.

Carpe Diem = Seize the day.