We're All Born Creators

One thing you begin to realize as you create more is the growth that comes with it.

Naturally we are all born to pro-create. I believe this biological program to pro-create has led us all to being creative beings at heart.

Whether that is companies, art, communities, family…we are born to create things.

All of us are unique. This uniqueness means you can create unique things.

You don’t need to try to be someone you’re not. You just need to create what feels right to you.

Sometimes I wonder what I should publish on my Substack especially as my subscriber list has grown to over 20 which feels like a lot to me. :)

But then I remember that this is my creative pursuit. This is for me to get my ideas out of my head and on to paper. There is no “right” way to create. You just do it.

Creating feels good.

And sure enough, if you create as much as you can, you’ll find yourself not only getting better, but enjoying it more.

Another beauty about creating is that you’ll find ways to learn about yourself and the world.

We’re all born creators. What are you creating?