Wealthiest Family in the 1800s, NFT Splurge, Startup Investment & More

Recent Learnings and Actions

I identify with being a “wanna-be-polymath”. What this means is that I’m interested in a wide range of subjects, but an expert in few — hence, the wanna-be”.

People often criticize this concept of being a polymath. Adam Smith, in his world changing book, The Wealth of Nations, talked about the division of labor. This gave rise to the industrial revolution by broadcasting the concept that individuals should focus on specialization.

This concept has never sat well with me. I’m interested in the world.

I always loved how Richard Feynman talked about the universe and how as humans we try to simplify things to make sense of it. We break things down into artificial categories: biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, etc. But to the universe, it’s all just the universe. Thus, sometimes, some of us, need to focus on everything and not just one thing.

My mind has been interested in a wide variety of topics that I’ll share as short blurbs.

Educational Podcast

I recently listened to a podcast about the wealthiest family of all time: The Rothchild’s.

It was a family of Jewish Bankers that started out in the ghetto of Frankfurt, Germany in the 1830s and expanded across Europe. Their influence altered economies, changed the outcomes of wars, and swayed nations. This all happened during a transformative time in human history.

The Rothchild’s core values — Unity, Integrity and Industry — stood the test of time for over 100 years and nearly four generations.

You can learn about the Rothchild family, the time period in which they got their wealth, and what made them unique in this amazing podcast below.

NFT Purchases

Today, I spent over $1,000 on digital art known as NFTs. Most of it was impulse buys after seeing a few tweets by a friend about some projects.

So, I got inspired and bought my own Lion Club NFTs. Well, actually 6 of them…

My full portfolio of NFTs can be viewed on my Rainbow Wallet: https://rainbow.me/0xecaF9D556Ac817A7e21C9d97dD2fE01b3C6b1375.

HyperGuap Investment

Rainbow Wallet is a way to explore the world of Ethereum. As mentioned above, you can keep all of your NFTs on your Rainbow Wallet. You can also trade your Ethereum in for other currencies through the wallet.

HyperGuap, the SPV syndicate my friend started that I’m helping do business development for, just deployed $400K into the Rainbow Wallet Series A. This was an incredibly fun deal. It was also our most oversubscribed deal to date (meaning we had too much demand and not enough allocation).

The Great Online Game

We are all collectively experimenting with the power of the internet. The internet is a tool that can never be under-appreciated. When everyone is connected to the internet, earth wakes up, and we have a sort of global consciousness. I know it sounds meta, but please bear with me — Gaia is actually waking up and we are becoming a global hive mind.

It’s still the early days of the internet. Yet, no one can imagine life before it...

The internet, and it’s influence on the human race, is nothing less than world changing.

Becoming better at using the internet is a great skill.

I remember when I thought Twitter was dead. But it’s where the conversation about the world is happening. Sure, it’s a bubble — and just a small glimpse of the population, but, Twitter has 206 million Global Daily Active users. This is ~1/35 of the global population (assuming 7 billion humans).

My point is apps like Twitter, YouTube, and Discord are here to stay — and they are very relevant to the conversations happening today and the future of our world.

This is one of the best Tweet threads you can read on the subject about this Great Online Game we are playing — whether you know it or not.

Writing Publicly

I committed to the craft of writing publicly at the start of 2021. Sometimes it feels hard to put finger to keyboard, but I am not too hard on myself. I am simply enjoying the creative process and have an understanding that this is part of the journey. The most important thing is that I stay committed and keeping trekking. Writing is something that I feel deeply aligned with.

I’ve been journaling for over 6 years off and on, but there is something different when you try to synthesize your thoughts in a single post that is shared online.

Pursuing writing publicly has been a fun little hobby I’ve picked up and I think it will only become more relevant in my life as I continue to share my ideas with the world.

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