Using MetaMask and Uniswap

As I’ve become more interested in trading random cryptocurrencies on the internet, I’ve had to become familiar with two new tools: MetaMask and Uniswap.

I believe in todays world were all beginners. The pace of technology and new inventions is impossible to quite grasp. This means the one’s who succeed will be those that become good at learning new things.

The way I learn new things is usually online through Twitter and YouTube as well as conversations with friends who are interested in similar things.

MetaMask is a crypto wallet and gateway to the blockchain.

Ethereum or ETH, is the second largest crypto behind Bitcoin and the currency you use to buy most other cryptos. Everything is built on top of ETH.

I buy my ETH on Coinbase and then send it my MetaMask wallet. I then use Uniswap to transfer my ETH into other cryptocurrencies.

Some of the currencies I have bought include FEG, LEASH, JSHIBA and SANSHU. Most of these are random meme coins with good marketing but that have similar underlying technology and blockchain protocols.

When I have been doing the swapping on Uniswap, I’ve had to pay hundreds of dollars in fees because the activity has never been higher and the blockchain is backed up.

While these fees feel expensive, It’s the price you have to pay to get into new technology with potential for upside. I also just have fun learning about this stuff.