Tools on Tools

I truly believe it has never been easier to start a business. More businesses are being formed in the U.S. than ever before.

In 1994, there was 550,000 new businesses that were one year old and in 2020 there were 800,000.

There are now more tools than ever before to make building a business easier than ever.

  • To start, you can file LLC to legally form your business within minutes using IncFile.

  • On the banking front, you can use SVB, Mercury or Brex.

  • You can then build a website with Squarespace, Wordpress, or Wix within days.

  • There are auto logo generators such as Looka to create your brand.

  • After, you can create social media accounts such as LinkedIn and Twitter to reach out to your target audiences. Substack is also good tool to create content and develop a following.

  • Carta can be used to manage equity and shares in your company.

  • Gusto can be used to help pay your employees.

  • Upwork can help you find part-time contractors for specific projects.

This list is far from exhaustive, but there are so many tools to make your business come alive within days.

Whether you’re building a product, therapeutic, or whatever it may be, the underlying tech stack to support you has never been better to get started.

From there, you just need to figure out what you’re building. :)