The Case For Side Hustles

Dear Growers,

As ambitious people, we sometimes hear the phrase “well you can’t do it all”.

People may tell you to have focus. To not get distracted by your side hustles. That it’s wasting your time.

But the only people who will tell you this are people who are rigid and focused.

Talk to anyone who is doing a dozen different things, and you will feel encouraged by how much you can do in this world.

Sure, there are examples that doing too many things may dilute anything from being successful. In fact, I often fell in this camp.

For the past few years, I was incredibly focused on my job so that I could knock that out of the park and succeed. I looked down on side hustle culture as I saw it as a form of distraction from actually doing deep work.

So, I completely stopped doing things outside of work.

But what I’ve come to realize is not only did this make me less fulfilled, it made me less energetic and curious.

Side hustles bring out our passions. They energize us and show us the depth in who we are. We aren’t one dimensional creatures.

I found by writing on Substack, being more active on Twitter, and helping out my friend with his business, I bring more enthusiasm to my day job and life.

Being more well rounded and pursuing interests has helped me tremendously in 2021.

I look forward to sharing the threads on my curiosities and passions with you all.