Roam: Learning a New Tool

A few months ago my friend told me about a note taking tool called Roam.

I love the one-liner on how they describe Roam:

A note-taking tool for networked thought.

As easy to use as a document. As powerful as a graph database. Roam helps you organize your research for the long haul.

Using modern tools like this can enhance our life experience. It allows us to connect ideas, capture time and iterate on ourselves in a productive and thoughtful way.

To seek out and train using new technological tools is a modern effort in nobility to achieve your highest form.

I know I am being very righteous about these technological tools (i.e. apps/websites), but…

These tools ARE POWERFUL!

While I am just starting using Roam, I have been using Substack to write this post which is an easy way to send a newsletter to anyone with an email address. Then I use Stripe, which is connected directly to Substack, to process payments from my paid subscribers.

New tools are constantly coming out. It’s important we continue to search for new tools and use them to improve our lives.

  • These tools can empower writing - Substack.

  • Create new streams on income - Stripe.

  • And capture ideas and notes from our minds - Roam.

This is incredibly empowering!!!

We should be more keen to leverage our tools in the most optimal way.

It might be as simple as being very good with your banking app to track your finances. Or using your apple watch to track your fitness.

But don’t get stuck in your current tools because they’re familiar.

Become a noob (a beginner). Don’t be afraid to learn a new tool.

Besides, there’s so much new technology these days were all noobs just trying to learn things.

For now, the new tool I am trying is Roam.

My first time using the tool I lost all the data I wrote. But the next day, I learned how to save files. This is part of the process.