Public: Making the Stock Market Social

Building an investor community thoughtfully

I recently downloaded the investor app Public which is helping to make the stock market social. One of their core pillars is to improve financial literacy.

Public is making the stock market into a social app in a few different ways. They allow you to see the stocks others online are investing in, attend company town halls and get educated via their courses. Public is becoming the stock market app for the younger generation (in addition to Robinhood that is).

As part of my onboarding to the app, they sent me a cool hat to feel part of the community.

I always love unique ways to people can build community. Receiving this hat instantly made me feel more connected to the Public brand.

My first day wearing the hat I went to an NFT art gallery in Venice called Bright Moments (Instagram Handle).

While wearing the hat, someone asked me if I worked at Public, another person said Public sponsors their YouTube channel and a third person was also wearing the hat!

Public has the cleanest user interface I have ever seen in an app and it’s really enjoyable to spend time on. I also feel like I can learn on the platform even if I’m not investing.

For example, Public has over 1M users but only 600K are investors. This shows you while the app is meant for investing, it’s also used as a social platform to learn about the stock market.

I just transferred my first funds over to Public a few weeks ago and I look forward to buying my first stock on the platform when the time is right.