Organizing an Entrepreneurship Event in LA

I have an idea for an event that I want to organize and host about emerging entrepreneurs.

It will include four early stage companies started by my friends here in LA on a panel that I will facilitate.

  1. DMN8 - an outdoor fitness studio

  2. Xeal Energy - charging stations without needing to access the internet

  3. Paysplit - empowering influencers with one place to manage all of their revenue streams

  4. SkillBank - teaching marketing to secure a marketing job with no upfront cost

After the panel, we will open it up to questions from the audience and general networking. Drinks will need to be around and music. Ideally videos, images and merch from the respective businesses.

All of the founders are close friends of mine and I think it would be a blast to talk about their businesses to an audience.

Essentially there are only a few steps for making this happen:

  1. Ask my friends to participate as panelists

  2. Determine a venue, location and time that aligns for all

  3. Create an event page and begin to promote the event

  4. Get a keynote speaker and sponsors

I think it would be neat to host the event at a cool house. Potentially at a Together Casa (which is basically a mansion of people communally living), at the Bright Moments NFT art gallery, or the Xeal HQ which is a big open space. It could also be at Upfront Ventures to bring the invest component in the mix. I want to keep it on the West Side and don’t want to go so far East into LA.

In terms of promotion, I would leverage all the contacts from the startups and other people that I’ve met to help get attendees. I would like to partner with LA Tech Week and We Are LA Tech to not reinvent the wheel in the community and help bring this event to life.

Tentatively timing this event to occur during the last week of July. I would say July 27th or 28th from 6pm-8pm. Goal is to have roughly 75 attendees. Since it’s during dinner time, will need to consider food. Potentially call a food truck.

Will plan to lock a location and begin promoting by July 9th.

I am excited to see this come to life.