Olympic Athlete Mentality

Goal Setting Makes Us Olympians

We all have a baseline appreciation for what it means to be an Olympic athlete.

And while most of us will never know what’s it like to be an Olympian ourselves, we can all adopt the Olympian mentality.

So, what does it mean to have an Olympian mentality?

  • An insane commitment to success, a work ethic that defines your life, and a continual desire to hit your peak performance in achievement of your goals.

If you look around, complacency is a great disease. You must work hard to prevent it.

Most of us just want to have our basic needs met and live a happy life. The problem with this, is we never fully realize who we truly are.

By definition, we are human beings. This implies becoming. We are not meant to be stagnate, but to evolve. But modern society has made us too comfortable…

There is something about Olympic athletes who need to perform at the highest level to make a living. There is no middle ground. They only strive to be the best.

Olympic athletes need to have clear goals — whether is it qualifying for the Olympics, hitting a personal record, eating a certain way, getting a gold medal, or whatever else it may be, they have a mission that drives their lives.

As normal human beings with desk jobs, we need to live up to our full potential in our own way.

How do we do this?

When we adopt the Olympian mindset, we gain two fundamental important characteristics:

  1. Identify clear goals that we see as success

  2. A lifestyle change to achieve those goals

In some ways, being an Olympic athlete is someone who has just found their raison d'etre.

While a singular mindset to achieve one thing (i.e. a gold medal) is the north star, it is part of the larger list of goals that lead us to achieving our highest form.

Thoughtful goal setting allows to have our own gold medal(s) that we strive for.

By setting various goals for our lives, we become the highest version of ourselves.

While writing has become a clear goal for me, there are a few others I have been contemplating:

  • Organizing a community entrepreneurship event

  • Set-up more reoccurring poker nights and host a poker tournament

  • Working out 6 days a week and keeping myself accountable

  • Launching my own investment fund, SPV or company

  • Being more active on Twitter and growing my following

By setting goals as a practice for life, we become Olympians.

We have something to strive for. We have something to work for that will change our lives.

In the coming weeks, I hope to develop a more thoughtful goal setting exercise to reignite a sense of intensity that comes with being an Olympic athlete.