My Goal

My goal is to be able to spend most of my time being able to learn, workout, have deep conversations, try new things, meet new people, and travel.

I want to own equity in many amazing companies that are changing the world. Meet with entrepreneurs that are building those companies. Advise, sit on boards, and allocate capital.

I would like to have a large amount of capital that I could deploy however I wished into projects, companies, and people that I would like to see in the world for the betterment of human kind.

For most of my time, I would like to spend it thinking about the world, people and opportunities to make an impact.

I would like to work for myself and have full control over my schedule.

I want this to happen as soon as possible

I wanted to articulate the above to allow me to be clear headed about what I am striving for. I always think it’s important to have a goal and then work backwards form there.

Using these words as a manifestation technique. Timestamping it for me to look back on.