Meditate & Then Accomplish More

This morning was the first time I meditated in the last few months.

I did a 10 minute meditation facilitated by a YouTube video.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve had a hard time being as productive as I would like to be. Perhaps it was the July 4th holiday and work being slower in general. With that said, I have desired to use the past few days more productively, and haven’t (at least up to my standards).

After doing a simple meditation this morning, I felt more in touch with my ability to focus and think clearly. I was aware and present. I felt more control with each breath I took, and I wanted to carry that intention throughout my day.

I immediately created a to-do list, and started to crank through it.

This sense of beating procrastination and checking boxes made me feel empowered.

While I do enjoy meditation itself, what I enjoy more is how meditation can improve our ability to have a better day. If I just enjoyed the meditation and not what came after, then I would go be a monk. :)

So if meditation helps me fire up a to-do list and then run through it, that makes meditation more worth doing.

Being in touch with why you meditate and how it makes you feel, will make you more likely to do it.