Is Something Missing?

Morning Thoughts

I woke up today feeling clear. I felt aware and awake after a good nights sleep.

I love the slowness of the morning. Both my mind and the day move gently.

In the morning, it’s simpler to be more present and aware. Less texts and emails to distract you.

The foggy grey clouds loom over the city providing a cozy vibe for the mind and body.

Not knowing what else to do with those quiet minutes in the morning, I tuck under a blanket and write.

Although, I can’t help but sit here and ponder that something is missing.

I look back on an old journal entry from 12/14/20 and I realize what I wrote then was the exact same thing I was writing in my journal now.

I underlined the comment that something was missing as my heart started to race about the nature of time and my personal development. A few sentences past that feeling of something missing, I wrote that I needed to start a Substack…

As I sit here and reflect this morning, I start to realize it’s not that something is missing that I haven’t found yet but maybe it’s the perpetual feeling of trying to “figure things out”. Yet, we all know we’ll never truly figure things out. As humans, we have this desire to know, but it’s the unknown and the journey that makes life meaningful.

I know that I want to live my best life, and some days I feel closer to that, and other days I feel further. All I can do is breathe and focus in on this moment right now. There is nowhere else to go but here.

So, how do I want to live today? Maybe what I’m missing isn’t any one thing that I need to add to my life. Maybe it’s a greater appreciation of time. Time is never certain. It’s a gift. How I respond to the gift of time, determines how I feel about my life. Maybe one thing that I’m missing is more gratitude for the moments spent in the morning like these when time is slow.