Inspiration Through Conversation

I had a conversation with a mentor that I hadn’t connected with in years. Afterward, I felt fired up and realized how much I needed it.

When I used to live in Boulder, I was obsessed with meeting people in the startup community. I loved talking to local entrepreneurs about ideas and how to live a great life.

After moving to NYC and working on Wall Street, I didn’t have the free time to enjoy conversations with local entrepreneurs. I also felt like I was just a regular person in a job and not an ambitious college kid that may start a company.

But most of all, I convinced myself that I just needed to focus on my job and that connecting with people like I used to was for “college Aidan”. I told myself it was a waste of time as it likely wouldn’t lead to anything.

What I told myself was simply a lie to get me through not having the freedom to meet with people. Or, at least the perception of freedom.

As I embark on my creative journey, I am reminded by the essential fuel that conversations can have.

Deep conversations help us articulate our own journey. They help us gain insights from others experience. We establish relationships that make us feel connected to the world.

Conversations can create epiphanies that can shape our lives.

From conversation, to inspiration, to action.