Input, Output, Noput

There are three things that we can do everyday to make our days more meaningful .

  1. Input: Read a book, listen to a podcast, go to a lecture, etc.

  2. Output: Write, engage in a conversation, take pictures, etc.

  3. Noput: Meditate, be still, breathwork, solo walk, etc.

As we start our days, we have the opportunity to consider how we will engage in these different frequencies.

Perhaps we’ve decided to listen to a book on audible. Then, we know our input for the day is listening to the book.

Maybe we’ve made the goal to develop our own personal website. Each day you know to do a small task to build it.

And finally, we can take time at the end of the day to sit and reflect. Give ourselves the space to be in the moment.

I believe the more conscious we can be at choosing how we will engage in these frequencies on a daily basis, we can have more meaningful days.

Additionally, if we can track over a period of time what we do in these core frequencies we can more clearly identify what we care about, find ways for improvement and view ourselves growing overtime.

Today I inputted the Adam Grant book Think Again, outputted this post, and took time to sit on my balcony without my phone and simply be in the moment for a few minutes.

Can you remember the last day when you checked these three boxes? What did you do?

Thanks for Growing with Aidan,