If you had a hot tub time machine...

It’s so easy to get into the mindset of:

I wish I bought X asset at X time.

As if saying something about the past will now help you in the future. Everyone has a story about how they almost bought something before it was a big deal…

Let me be clear, what matters is understanding the future.

What is happening in the world now, that in 5 years, you wish you made a decision on.

We all wish we had a hot tub time machine to buy Tesla or Apple earlier on.

But if you missed it, stopped telling the story about how you missed it. Learn from it, and then don’t miss the next one.

What’s the next company, idea or technology that will truly change things?

Most likely it won’t be another phone or electric car. It will be something entirely different.

Pay close attention. Watch the world unfold. And be ready to pounce.