Getting out of your living space

I just got back from 10 days in Cabo.

Time was spent with a very little agenda. It went something like:

  • Sit by the pool

  • Soak in the sun

  • Eat fresh food

  • Swim and cool off in the pool

  • Drink any drink

  • Eat great food at amazing restaurants

  • Drink more

  • Sleep well

It was a different type of living to say the least.

Not anything like my typical morning routine…

I spend a lot of time in my apartment. I pretty much do everything there. The whole “work-from-home” life is thrown around casually, but most people take it for granted.

We now have jobs and the technology where millions of people can work globally with each other without having to leave where they sleep, shower and eat.

All this time spent in our homes, and thus in the same space, gets us stuck in certain thought patterns.

Taking a few days to be fully immersed in a different environment not only allows you to think more clearly when you’re there, but more importantly, it’s coming back home with a fresh perspective into your routine.

One of my favorite sayings (which I’ll come back to a lot in my newsletter), is:

It’s this re-entry back to your familiar world which is the true gift.

You see, these vacations are temporary relief to shake up our mental models. Spending time on vacation with friends and family helps rejuvenate our souls. But like anything else, real life must carry on.

SIDE NOTE: I don’t love the term “real life”. It’s often used being said to college kids saying “when you get to the real world”. With that said, it does have some meaning to it.

When we go back home after vacation, we come back to our lives slightly different.

This slight difference is key because it gets us out of auto-pilot of our lives (WHICH WE CAN FALL INTO VERY EASILY).

By stepping out of our auto-pilot mode we can unlock creativity and take on life with a wider perspective.