The Internet is Empowering

I was recently approached via Twitter about the $125M Series C fundraise I worked on at eGenesis. The initial tweet is below.

I had briefly heard of WeAreLATech before and quickly looked more into it. The organization had about 6,000 Twitter followers and a podcast.

After receiving a series of public questions on Twitter, we direct messaged about me participating in their podcast.

I had never been on a Podcast before, but this was something that I really wanted to do.

The WeAreLATech company is built by Espree Devora and her podcast has been featured on the homepage of apple and spotify and written about in entrepreneur and forbes.

I spoke on the podcast a few weeks ago and had an energetic conversation with Espree. Funny enough, we spent the first bit doing a reverse podcast. I learned more about what it’s been like to build her organization.

She’s been running WeAreLATech for nearly 9 years and saw a lot across the LA tech scene. Her role, sounded like the following:

Connecting with people in the community, hosting them at her podcast studio and facilitating interactions between people.

She organized events and had her own startup in Action Sports which led to working with Tony Hawk.

After I got to know more about the podcast I was on, we got around to Espree asking me a series of questions.

It was really fun to be interviewed and I can’t wait to do more podcasts. Which I am proud to follow through on, because thanks to Espree, I am connecting with another podcast called SPARK6 which is focused on people doing good things in the world.

I am speaking with them today.

Since the original podcast episode I did with Espree, we connected again about her insights into finding a venue for my Top Emerging Entrepreneurs in LA event.

But something happened which was unique when I joined the conference line to speak with her about my event:

Right when I joined, she introduced me to someone named Andrew. After briefly introducing each of us, she then asked us to introduce ourselves to one another. When that was done, she then asked if we felt comfortable, if we would want to connect on a social platform (or exchange emails) to stay in touch. I vouched for Twitter and so we connected there.

We then went into discussing my event and Andrew left the call.

Just as our conversation was finishing, she let me know about Justin joining the call. Espree briefly introduced us and then we introduced ourselves. And like last time, we also connected on Twitter.

All of this felt natural, as if passing someone in the hall. It was connecting people and community building in its most pure form.

Following the call, Espree also connected me to a few people on Twitter that may be helpful in providing a venue space for my event. See the Tweet below.

If there’s one thing to take away from all of this, it’s the internet is the most powerful tool.

It bends to the user. I can’t emphasize this enough.

I am always amazed about the unique ways people use the internet to make things happen in the world. It was a great experience talking to someone who really leverages the power of the internet.

The closest person I know that really is empowered by the internet, specifically YouTube and Twitter, is my friend Gali at HyperChange.

When I directly interact with people whose lives have been changed so dramatically by the internet, I can’t help but feel empowered, inspired and motivated myself.