Growing our wealth, health and self

Welcome to Grow with Aidan by me, Aidan Gold.

This is my journey into blogging as a mechanism to not only spur my professional growth but in the hopes that it can benefit others as well.

I manage investor relations for eGenesis, a biotech startup that has raised over $260M to date with the goal to solve the organ shortage.

I’m passionate about investing in stocks, crypto and startups. My public investment portfolio includes companies like Tesla, Tilray, OpenDoor, Palantir and Alector. I also love crypto investing and this has gone on to overcome my stock portfolio. My crypto holdings include mostly Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and ICX.

I also love startups and have invested in SpaceX (~$40B val.), Carta (~6B val.) and DMN8 (~$4M val.).

Beyond investing and work, I would like to talk about things I am learning about, my fitness and health journey, as well as the broad ranging topics of personal growth.

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