Clearly Identifying Our Core Habits

Sometimes it takes failing at our habits to remember what they are

There are two core habits I’ve been focused on building in 2021.

  1. Writing as much as possible on Substack

  2. Working out as much as possible at DMN8 (the outdoor fitness gym I attend and also invested in. More on that in another post).

While in NYC, I didn’t publish once on Substack and only worked out one time which was for an 8 mile run through Central Park.

I think it’s critical to note that when I left my familiar location in which I conduct these routines, I lost the habits I was building. It’s also worth caveating that while I was in New York, I didn’t intentionally try to make time for these habits. I changed my lifestyle to adapt to New York and knew my time in New York was also limited.

Looking back on it, I don’t regret not continuing with these core habits while I was there because I really enjoyed my time exactly how it was.

But it does make me think that in the future when I do change my location, what is my relationship with my core habits?

The best thing that came out of not doing these core habits was that I remembered how much I missed them.

It also more clearly illuminated that these two habits are my core habits. This wasn’t something I actually even identified before this post. :)

Since I got back two days ago, I’ve published two Substack posts and worked out twice.

So, here’s to more consistently doing the things we want to do and being clear with ourselves on what those things are.

For me, that’s publishing on Substack and doing DMN8 workouts.

Thanks for Growing with Aidan,