Channel Your Inner Roboto

Attempting to Mint a Roboto

On August 3rd I participated in my second NFT drop for the Roboto project (my first was for ZED Runs).

I anxiously waited around my computer until the time of the NFT drop. When the project was released, I tried to mint the NFT but it wasn’t working.

  • Supposedly this happened to many people and everyone was a bit frustrated since they were so excited to mint!

  • Some people solved it by sending their ETH directly to an address on Ether Scan. This worked to buy a Roboto, which I’d never heard of it’s application in this use case.

The cost to mint one Roboto was .05 ETH and there would be 10,000 of them. The project sold out within minutes and I ended up not being able to mint a Roboto.

Acquiring my Roboto

Given the time I spent waiting and engaging in the project, I was determined to acquire a Roboto. So I decided to buy one right after the launch on OpenSea, which is a secondary exchange for all NFTs.

Given the meta-data for the Roboto’s was only generated several days after the sale, I had no idea what Roboto I would be buying.

All Robotos on OpenSea were trading for .16 to .2 ETH, which was way above the mint price of .05 ETH.

I ended up buying for .18 ETH. My Roboto is below.

Roboto Project Growth

After acquiring my Roboto, I sort of disengaged from the community and the project. The floor price for Roboto’s dropped back down to nearly minting price and I realized I way over paid.

As time went on though, I started to see some people I follow on Twitter change their profile picture to the Roboto.

I also noticed Akash Nigam, the CEO of NFT marketplace for celebrities called Genies, posted about the project and he seemed excited about it.

The leadership behind Roboto’s also seems in the project for the long term.

Pablito Stanley is the lead artist behind the project and engages closely with the community on discord and Twitter. They do live events and everyone seems to enjoy them. He’s really building a community unlike some of these other projects that really feel like pump and dump schemes.

One way the Roboto team has given back is by doing two airdrops. I’ve received a Cryboto and Bongoboto.

Looking Ahead

The project is now trading at a floor price of .15 ETH and has 3.4K unique holders out of 10K Robotos.

Pablo is working on some interesting projects including something called a workshop where Roboto holders can enter and create their own pet to match their Roboto.

There will be all these interesting game applications being created from this and I look forward to following the journey.

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