Change Your Mood

Physical activity, being outdoors, and the simple things to make us happier

Dear Growers,

The other day I was filled with energy, but, I was busy with work and running errands all day. By the time the day wrapped up and I finally had free time, I was exhausted.

I really wanted to be energized to wrap up the part of the day that I could control but I just felt flat and a bit muted.

What was amazing, was when I hopped on my new bike that I recently bought, I instantly got insanely happier.

As I started to pedal on the bike path toward my workout class, I was grinning and feeling immense gratitude.

Gratitude for having legs to bike, gratitude for a bike path and gratitude to own a bike.

My day got so much better within seconds of hopping on the bike and feeling the wind and sun on my body.

There was something so innate that this feeling of wellness and appreciation just floated into my consciousness so naturally.

Sometimes we may just be tired because we aren’t doing the right activities to wake ourselves up.

For me, hopping on the bike made all the difference for my afternoon.

If you’re in a slump or low energy, try hopping on a bike or doing something that makes you feel alive. It might just change your state of mind.

Thanks for Growing with Aidan,