Bet Slow So You Can Go Far

We all want to know the fast way to success. The fast way to $1M. The stock that will go up quickly. The workout that will give us the 6 pack. The answer that will solve all our problems.

This mentality of wanting things to happen quickly and in one broad stroke is dangerous. It can lead us to making wrong decisions.

Good things take time. We need to be willing to be patient.

Instead of optimizing for speed and efficiency (which any hardworking and ambitious young person might), we should be thinking long-term.

Can we create a positive trajectory that will build for decades?

  • What simple workout can I do everyday for the next 10 years?

  • Can I commit to learning, reading or writing everyday?

  • What small investment into a stock can I make now that I won’t sell?

We don’t always need to build the company or write the book. Sometimes we just need to do the little things and see how far they take us.